The City Honors Librarian is Mrs. Melisa Holden.

The Library

The City Honors Library is here to support the students and the staff of a very unique school. The Library's mission is to ensure that students and staff become life-long users of information and ideas. The Library is a place where students can:

  • conduct research for projects using the Web, databases, and print resources
  • research college programs using the Web
  • find great books to read
  • create graphic presentations
  • create pamphlets or write a book
  • find interesting facts
  • acquire books through the BPS Interlibrary Loan program
  • become effective and ethical consumers of ideas and information
  • have full-time access to a knowledgeable, certified librarian who will help them find what they need!


  • Each period, only 5-7 students may come to the library from a study hall. Students must check-in at their study hall and then report to the library.
  • To come to the library during lunch periods, students must first obtain a pass from Mrs. Holden. Students must first eat their lunch in the cafeteria and, when finished, present their pass to a lunch monitor and proceed to the library.
  • All students must sign in upon arrival


  • Food is not allowed in the library.
  • Students are expected to adhere to all District Technology Rules.
  • Please clean up after yourself -- chairs, garbage, magazines, newspapers, books, etc. -- need to be put in their proper places!
  • Let Mrs. Holden know when you've read a good book, or if you have any suggestions for the City Honors Library!