Mission / Philosophy

City Honors Vision- City Honors School is a world class educational community of individuals living and working to their full potential.

City Honors Mission- City Honors School engages school personnel, families, and the community in order to prepare our students to fully participate in further education, in the work force, and in civic and family life.

City Honors Beliefs-

  • Students need to learn to work cooperatively with others and live compassionately in a pluralistic society.
  • Students require a differentiated curriculum that….
    Is aligned 5 – 12
    Models best practice
    Is commensurate with their academic and intellectual needs
    Includes multiple modalities of student assessment
  • We believe support from home and school will ensure student success.
  • Students should be encouraged to be producers of new knowledge, not just consumers of information.
  • Parental support and community partnership are integral to our school organization.
  • Continuous assessment of student progress is essential to ensure that we are meeting needs.
  • We believe the training and support of school personnel is critical to the success of the school.
  • Community service is a vital part of a student’s learning.
  • We believe that our community of learning must cultivate its cultural diversity.
  • We believe that our students need direction, a caring environment, feedback, “expert” teachers, and high achievement. To that end, we believe that our students should be able to strongly agree with the following statements:
  1. I know what is expected of me in my classes.
  2. In my classes, I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work correctly.
  3. In one or more of my classes I have the opportunity to do what I do best on a regular basis.
  4. There is at least one teacher, counselor, or other adult at school who regularly encourages my achievement (development).
  5. About every week (regularly) I receive recognition or praise for doing good work from at least one of my teachers.
  6. My teachers regularly inform me how I am doing in my classes.
  7. I believe my teachers are experts in what they teach.
  8. As a result of going to this school, I believe I am learning and growing in important ways.
  9. This school is meeting my expectations.

City Honors Core Values-

City Honors School has identified four Core Values that all members of the school community will strive to exemplify.

    • HONESTY - integrity and truthfulness; the state of being genuine; honorable
      at CHS we will practice:

      truthfulness – tell the truth; be true to our work
      integrity– Adhere to a set of  standards and values; the courage and stamina to do the honest thing.
      genuineness – authentic, legitimate choices and actions.
    • KINDNESS:-caring for others; show consideration and understanding; being helpful.
      at CHS we will be:

      considerate – speak politely – extend patience
      understanding – empathize – see things through others’ eyes
      helpful –lend assistance – contribute
    • RESPECT:-to show consideration or regard for people, things, or ideas; deference; honor; politeness
      at CHS we will:

      extend politeness – in word, manner and deed
      act with deference – avoid insolence – “agree to disagree”
      show regard – honor and revere what we value
    • RESPONSIBILITY-to be accountable; a person to whom, or thing for which, one is accountable; at CHS we will practice the 3 “P’s” of responsibility: Preparation, Punctuality, Participation.

      City Honors School Essential Teaching Practices