PTSCO Contacts & Docs

2016-2017 PTSCO Officers:

President: Donna Graham 716-697-1447

Grade Level Representatives

District Parent Coordinating Council – PTSCO Representative – Donyelle Crapsi

CHS PTSCO Committee Outreach /Advocacy Committee – Chair: Mary Beth Murray

Teacher Appreciation - Carrie Hamlett. Held the day before the start of school for students.

Back to School Picnic - Polly Perez and Annette Jones

Haunted Lockers/Ice Scream Social for 5th and 6th graders - 5th and 6th Grade Parent Representatives.

Volunteer Opportunities - Donna Graham

The link below provides more detailed information on PTSCO, opportunties to volunteer, and the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

PTSCO Information, Volunteer Opportunities and Volunteer Sign-up Sheet