Study Skills & Other Student Resources

Study Skills to Make You a Better Student

If you are in need of some ideas on how to study, take notes, give an oral presentation, write a paper that will make you proud, etc., check out some of these links…

  • Virginia Tech Study Skills Self-Help Information This site is an excellent place to go for information on time scheduling and taking notes Cornell style.  They offer “online workshops” on such topics as:
    • Time Management Strategies for Improving Academic Performance
    • Seven Strategies for Improving Test Performance
    • Increasing Textbook Reading Comprehension by Using SQ3R
    • Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory
  • Study Skills Topic Page
    Clear and concise guides on many different aspects of studying.
  •  When You Hit the Books and They Hit Back
    Studying for that big test? Here is where you go to find information on studying specific subjects.  Don’t know your learning style?  Find out here.  Maintained by Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon.
  • Dartmouth Academic Skills Center
    This site offers online academic success videos (requires Quicktime 4.0 or higher) as well as print handouts on many aspects of studying, note taking, etc.  Excellent source!

Academic Support Resources for Parents and Students

          • Prentice Hall's official site for all of their textbooks. The section for Connected Math 2 is still under construction because the new version of the program is just in publication this spring. Visitors to the site can access the practice quizzes for any of the Prentice Hall publications. The levels appropriate for students enrolled in CMP Grade 8 include Grade 6-8 Texts, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1 (early chapters). Just click on “Text Resources” and then on “Mathematics” to access textbooks.
          • Ask Dr. Math
          • AAAKnow Math
          • AAA Math
          • FunBrain (requires subscription)
          • (requires subscription)
          • BrainPop (requires subscription)
          • Cool Math Sites
          • Math Sites
          • Algebra 1
          • Algebra.Help
          • Geometry

            Cool Sites for Teens